Our Flavors

Offering premium products sourced specifically for quality, sustainability and of course flavor!

You will find Vanilla and Chocolate, along with seasonal flavors, but be on the lookout for our exclusive locally influenced specialty treats!

Current Flavors

Tahitian Vanilla

You may have to taste this sweet yogurt again and again (not that you’ll be complaining!) – you will not believe it’s nonfat! Our Tahitian Vanilla yogurt is smooth and creamy. It’s perfect alone or as a base for your favorite toppings!


Let your senses drift off to Europe when you taste our delectable Low Fat Triple Chocolate yogurt. You may have to gobble up a few helpings of this luscious yogurt to believe it’s low fat! Rich European chocolate has never tasted so good!

Strawberry Sensations

Let summer’s strawberry season last forever when you taste our Low Fat Strawberry Sensations yogurt! This scrumptious yogurt uses real strawberry puree – it’s an absolute must-try for strawberry lovers!


Cheesecake lovers, have no fear. You can now succumb to your insatiable cheesecake cravings without sacrificing taste when you try our heavenly Nonfat Cheesecake yogurt. Made with real cheesecake bases, this yogurt tastes like a scrumptious slice of cheesecake straight from New York!

Strawberry Cheesecake

When strawberries or cheesecake just are not enough, dive into the this divine classic.

Mint Chocolate

Creamy mint green and specked with chocolate chip pieces, this traditional favorite will move to the top of your list!  Our Nonfat Mint Chocolate Chip combines smooth mint with chocolate mint droplets for frosty indulgence.  Go Green!

Cookies & Cream

Our special Low Fat Cookies ’N Cream yogurt is like no other. We have REAL cookies blended into this delicious yogurt. Taste the creamy center and sweet outer cookies. You’ll never go back to plain ol’ cookies and milk as an afternoon treat!

Mint Cookie

A twist of Cookies n Cream & Chocolate Mint

Salted Caramel Pretzel

We’re sure you’ll go wild for this salty sweet indulgence. Pretzel droplets swirl through our luscious Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel frozen yogurt. The best of both worlds has finally met and you won’t believe that it’s Low Fat!

Butter Pecan

You’ll go nuts for this Southern classic! Southern Butter Pecan is our Nonfat take on this nostalgic flavor, swirling a creamy, buttery background with the flavors of roasted pecans. Slightly salty and completely delicious!

Pralines ‘n Cream

Who doesn’t love southern pralines? How about trying to blend that rich and succulent flavoring with the smoothness of our premium yogurt? Give this a try today!

Watermelon Sorbet

Sweet and tangy, our Watermelon Sorbet is the perfect way to cool down on hot summer days. It’s so fresh and juicy, you’ll think you’re eating watermelon fresh from the farm stand. – Non Dairy

Valentia Orange

This refreshing sorbet favorite takes the old fashioned push-pop to the next level. – Non Dairy

Orange-Melon Twist Sorbet

Twist the Orange and Watermelon for this summer time favorite. – Non Dairy

Fresh Baked Goodies & More

Waffle Cones

Plain, Chocolate, & Chocolate w/ Sprinkles

Double Fudge Brownies

All Natural, rich, moist brownie – without the nuts – and you’ll be in chocoholic heaven. With or Without Nuts

Fresh Baked Cookies

Fresh Baked Togas

What is a Toga you ask? Well, think cream cheese filled pastry, with a drizzled sweet glaze. – Just trust us on this one.


We now have fresh baked pretzels! And there are even cream cheese filled ones that you can have topped with Noni’s Pepper jelly.

& More


Water and Soft Drinks


Hot or Iced, Plain or Flavored!


We are now serving Hot and Iced Teas, to include specialty flavors and BOBA Milk teas as well!