Our Menus

Offering premium products sourced specifically for quality, sustainability and of course flavor!

You will find Vanilla and Chocolate, along with seasonal flavors, but be on the lookout for our exclusive locally influenced specialty treats!

Fresh Baked Goodies & More

Waffle Cones

Plain, Chocolate, & Chocolate w/ Sprinkles

Double Fudge Brownies

All Natural, rich, moist brownie – without the nuts – and you’ll be in chocoholic heaven. With or Without Nuts

Fresh Baked Cookies

Fresh Baked Togas

What is a Toga you ask? Well, think cream cheese filled pastry, with a drizzled sweet glaze. – Just trust us on this one.


We now have fresh baked pretzels! And there are even cream cheese filled ones that you can have topped with Noni’s Pepper jelly.

& More (All Iced Drinks Served w/ Nugget Ice)


Water and Soft Drinks


Hot or Iced, Plain or Flavored! See our extensive Coffee Menu Above!


We are now serving Hot and Iced Teas, to include specialty flavors and BOBA Milk teas as well!